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Discount Tent Rentals

Our Low Overhead Means Low Prices

10x10 Tents $150.00

10x20 Tents $250.00

20x20 Tent $400.00

20x40 Tent $700.00

20x60 Tent $1000.00

20x80 Tent $1300.00.(40x40)

40x60 Tent $2000.00 ( 6-20x20 tents together as in web page top header pic )

Tents come in 20ft sections that piece together so they will not drip between tent sections.

larger sizes are available on request

20x8 ft side walls $10.00 each

12x12 Dance floor $400.00

16x16 Dance floor $600.00

20x20 Dance floor $800.00

8 ft long table. seats 8...$10.00

60 inch round table seats 8...$12.00

White bistro chair $3.00 each

4'x8'x8inches high $75.00 each

Rope lighting $30.00 per section of tent.